Step into the Royal Wardrobe of Netflix Hits: Brooklyn Museum Breaks Boundaries with Virtual Exhibit
Experience the charm of royal fashion up close! In an audacious response to the ongoing pandemic that's shuttered many museums, Brooklyn Museum has partnered with Netflix for an enthralling virtual exhibit, "The Queen and the Crown".
Explore the intricate details of iconic costumes from Netflix's hit series The Crown and The Queen's Gambit right from the comfort of your couch. Set within a digital replica of the museum's stunning Beaux Arts court, this immersive spectacle allows viewers to magnify, rotate and appreciate these historic garments, unhindered by traditional museum constraints.
This novel approach not only offers an engaging experience in a familiar setting but also widens the museum's reach to a global audience. In a time of limited travel and social distancing, lose yourself in the rich history and grandeur of royal fashion, all at your fingertips!​​​​​​​
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