De Goedmaker is the only lottery in which you don't want to participate but do want to win. 
Even, renowned for its prompt and reliable deliveries, knows that handling thousands of packages daily can sometimes lead to a snag or two. With a dash of creativity and a commitment to excellent customer service, they've launched a fun and unique initiative - the " Goedmaker."
Entering its fourth successful year, this social content series - my brainchild - has become one of's most popular campaigns! The premise? It's a lottery you'd rather not enter but would absolutely love to win. If a customer's order hits a bump, they can report it on this platform. From all the hiccups, one "unlucky" customer is picked and transformed into a lucky winner with a mega upgrade of their original order. It's not just big, it’s HUGE!
This delightful twist ensures that's dedication to customer satisfaction is not just felt but also enjoyed by its Dutch and Belgian customers. After all, who wouldn't love a surprising upgrade from a delivery hiccup?!
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